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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Flew over the Deering's Nest!

The Three Little Birds
Hi all! If you remember, I wrote a few weeks ago about the robin who had built a nest in our front porch light. There were three eggs inside and the birds hatched about 10 days ago. I will admit, it has been a very stressful 10 days for me as I worried about the baby birds each day. We've had wind and rain storms, cold and more. I woke up each morning and ran down the stairs to make sure they were okay. Then yesterday, Patrick sent me an email at the shop that one of the birds had taken flight (well, hit the ceiling of our porch first but..) and was flying around the yard. When I got home, two birds were left in the nest and I sat for over an hour until bird number two stretched its wings and took off. Bird number three, however, decided now that he (or she - I can't tell) had the whole nest to himself, and he wasn't leaving. We checked back several times yesterday and while he would get out of the nest and stand on the edge, he always headed back to the comfort and safety of the nest.

Mom and Dad bird were standing on our porch, looking up at the nest and chirping away. I imagine the conversation went something like this, "When will that child EVER leave the nest?" "I know, it's been 10 days, how much longer do we have feed and support these kids?" "Enough is Enough." "For the love of Pete, get OUT!"

And all the while, the baby bird is hunkered down in the nest thinking, "Why would I ever leave this place? It's warm and cozy. Mom and Dad bring me food AND it's rent FREE!" "Are they crazy, I'm NEVER leaving!"

Well, that's how I imagine it anyway. But, this morning when I got up, the nest was empty and there was a tiny "For Rent" sign stuck into the nest! :) No actually, my guess is Mom and Dad backed up the U-Haul and told baby bird number three it was time to FLY...or else!

I saw Mom back in the nest this morning and I kid you not, she was cleaning it! I'm guessing they are hoping to rent the nest out to another family of birds - maybe a nice family of cardinals just moved here from the east coast! And while I'll miss our little feathered friends, I won't miss the lost sleep and the stiff neck from staring up at the nest. Oh, and I'm looking forward to being able to use our front door again!
Last Bird Standing But...alas, not flying!
Carry In - Robin Style

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