What's New At PSQ

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's New At PSQ Week of September 24

Our Underwater Friends Panel - Fish Fantastic!

Two awesome coordinates!

And the fish bubbles!

Plus some great tone one tones means one GREAT Quilt!

The new Primitive Muslins - perfect for Embroidery and so much more!

The famous veggies and flowers!

Gorgeous colors and lovely flowers!

And speaking of lovely flowers!

And last but not least the adorable pansies!

Nuf Said!

The first entry into my addiction to fabric turkeys!

And the second edition to my turkey collection!

Plump Pumpkins - Duo!

And this time it's just one plump pumpkin!

And here's the other solitary pumpkin!

And now my latest turkey and yes, that's fringe!!!

Here's our Harvest Hop free pattern!

Lil Twister Witches Hat - patterns coming soon!

Twisted Rudy - patterns are in, sample coming soon!

And, the latest from Crab Apple Hill - Dancing Skeletons coming soon!

And just a peak of "Dance By the Light of the Moon" also coming soon!

Here's the PSQG Raffle Quilt - simply gorgeous!

A great new book full of great new patterns!

More cute quilts for baby!

Easy and gorgeous - the perfect combination!

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