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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Bemidji or Bust Tour Photos

Here are photos from our Bemidji or Bust tour to take Amelia to German Language Camp.  We took along one of Mr. Peabody's toys, Bull Moose, because we thought he was the most representative of the "Northern Woods."  Enjoy!
This is "Bull Moose" and in the background is the backside of the Welcome to Wisconsin sign - oops!
We met up with Denise at the Red Robin in Madison - yummy!
Bull Moose with Denise driving - Minneapolis here we come!
Yes, that's the back of my head with Bull Moose!
Bull Moose outside of our hotel in Minneapolis.  The temperature dropped by 20 degrees and it poured like crazy the last 5 minutes of our trip!
Bonita and Bull Moose at the hotel.
Amelia and Bull Moose at the hotel!
Ready to head up to Bemidji!

Bemidji or Bust with Amelia and Bull Moose!
Arriving at Waldsee the German Language Camp of Concordia.

A Very Happy Camper!!!!

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