What's New At PSQ

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's New At PSQ

May Flowers are springing up all over and we have Kits!

Winter Wonderland - I feel a chill!

No two snowflakes are ever alike!

Starry, starry night!

Oops, forgot about our glow in the dark spider webs!  So cool!

Run right over to PSQ for this great fabric!

Soccer balls and bicycles, summer is coming!

Let's play ball!

Football and La Cross - now that would be fun!

Corn and kale (or is that basil!)

Asparagus and avocado!

Grapefruit and spinach - well not in the same meal!

Brussel sprouts and there's the kale!

What's Up Doc!

Christmas is coming!  Are you ready?

Bright and bold quilts and lots of patterns!

Fast, fun and fantastic - that's fabulous!

The Embroidery Bible!


A close up!

Simple Charm and Simply Fabulous!

Small pieces...it's okay, we'll make it easy!

A Doggy Holiday!

Aren't they adorable!

Dem Bones!

Classic Christmas!

A great border stripe!

Rich coordinates!

Evergreen boughs and cardinals make a perfect holiday pair!

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