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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's New At PSQ Week of November 28

Yep, that's me in my Glamour Shots photo from the early 90's.  AND, no I cannot explain why I was wearing a faux fur and red satin gloves. 

I LOVE this photo (also taken at Glamour Shots) of Patrick and me before we were married - big hair and all!

Okay, this photo I DO NOT love.  First there's the big hair and BIG bangs but what about that Mickey Mouse sweater? And, apparently I forgot to put on any make up.  Could I BE any paler????
Hi all!  Enjoy all that's new at PSQ this week!

The photo doesn't show the gorgeous hints of metallic in this beautiful line from Lonni Rossi

Great, rich colors and fun patterns.  The options are endless!

If the cover quilt is any indication, don't you want to see what the other quilts inside look like?  All award winning quilts from the International Quilt Association.

"Stumpy Santa" everything you need to make this adorable (if vertically challenged) Santa can be found in the tube.  Fast, fun and easy and makes a wonderful gift to make or give!

The children's classic "Good Night Moon" comes to life in this soft and colorful quilt.

Reindeer ornament from the espresso kits (the coffee cups on the shelf behind and to the right). Quick and easy and so cute!

Snowman - espresso kit

Wreath espresso kit

Santa espresso kit

Gingerbread girl espresso ornament.  We have kits for all!

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